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Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter tatra Start date Oct 12, Steel Soldiers is supported by: 1 2 Next. I have a hummer civilian with one piece wheels. I want to put on the 2 piece humvee wheels so I can have a double bead lock rim. I was told the humvee rime has a 7 inch backspace. It looks to me that it will fit fine, does this sound right?? I may get the humvee wheel with it redone to a 6.

Crazyguyla Member. Elwenil New member. The civi Hummers also came with the 12 bolt beedlocks. The wheels will work fine with your truck wih no mods. In fact most civi Hummers came OEM with the 12 bolt 2 piece wheels.

Thanks guys!! Pipehitter35 New member. The Hmmvee wheels will work out alot better due to the runflat system thats in them you might get a little rubbing but they should work. The one piece wheels you have are most likely not original equipment. It would be best to remove the runflats from the wheels. They will be much easier to balance and ride better.

I plan on removing run flats and putting in the pvc double bead lock.This ac system is great the best unit I could find very easy to install with the instructions they give you and looks great I am so glad I got this ac unit, they are very good to work with if you need anything just give them a call, I will tell everyone I know about how good this unit is, thanks to you guys at Midwest military.

All Why MME? Recent Posts. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best.

Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Belt Engine System: Required 6. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Frequently bought together:. Select all Add selected to cart. These work on the 6. Works with 12V Electrical System's. We took a different approach to the engineering behind the system. Their computer-aided design and flexible duct hoses allow for the best performance.

Designed to last a lifetime, the quality and attention to detail is evident in our systems. Installation of the system is simple with their detailed step-by-step instructions. No special tools required and every system is always backed by the best tech support in the industry. Midwest Military Equipment has revolutionized the market with the best of the best.Hummer owners are proud owners; why else would you own one?

If you do want to slam a Hummer, you might enjoy going here or here.

humvee flat vs hummer download video

And some Hummer owners really do know how to have fun behind the wheel. This shot from the photo gallery at GMHummer. Was worth every minute, we can assume, and there are worse ways to get dirty.

I want to suggest that Hummers are one small—ok, not so small—part of a larger problem, which is the domestication of war. The more that the equipment of war is packaged for retail consumption, from fatigues to Hummers, the easier it is to think that war is not much different that tearing around the desert for an afternoon. The Hummer is exhibit A because it is a civilian version of the military Humvee technically a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle which got its boost in the domestic market following the first Gulf war.

Since then, SUVs have militarized the streets—industry research discovered early on that a primary motive for buying them was to purchase a sense of security. As a result, it becomes easier to assume not only that our streets are dangerous, but that other dangerous streets are not much different from ours.

humvee flat vs hummer download video

The terrible lie beneath this superficial continuity was brought home to me when I saw this photograph in the Sunday New York Times Magazine :. This Humvee had driven over an I.

As it was carrying a colonel who survived the blast, it probably was pretty well armored. In the real war, the road really is a very dangerous place. Never have. Before Hummer, there was Jeep, which likewise built a brand around converting a vehicle from military workhorse to off-road toy.

Humvee Build - Painting the Humvee (Camo)

Another thing to draw these two together is the wars that created them were definite American victories. People see the success of the vehicles in one conflict, and assume that it will be just as successful the next time around, whereas the chaotic nature of the battlefield may require a massive overhaul to meet changing tactics and conditions. Senator with access to military simulatorsthis might be the next best way to […]. Though it is true that they hummer is available to the public the H2 and H3 which you have shown do not share a single part with the military Humvee.

The H2 is built on a suburban chaise and if you have seen the interior of a Humvee and the interior of the H2 they are not in any way similar.

Nuts & Bolts: Hummer Beadlock Inserts

The original Hummer is available to the public but has a fairly high price tag, around k if i remember correctly. Look at the features in a real humvee made by AM general and compare them to the on sold by GM with some affiliations with AM and find that they are in no way similar only by name.Tire Carrier Article. This design allows repairs to be made in the field without special equipment tire machine.

While it is possible to disassemble this wheel in the field it is a major workout to screw on and off the 12 locknuts without power tools. The nice thing about it is that you are able to service the wheels at home if you want. All the 2-piece wheels supplied by AMG prior to the model year came with 5 sided wheel nuts that require a special socket to remove. If you remove the wheel nuts while the tire is full of air the wheel assembly could explode.

By controlling who was able to purchase the socket AMG could insure that only trained technicians could service the wheels. It turned out that many owners were able to obtain or make their own sockets and purchase regular hex flange nuts from the many Army surplus dealers.

The 2-piece wheels do require some maintenance. Over time depending on conditions such as torque and tire pressure the wheel studs can pop and require replacement. Whenever I've had studs pop it's been on a really hot day on the highway when the tire pressure gets up near 50psi. Whenever I'm on the highway in the heat I watch my tire pressure and don't let it rise above 45psi.

Check your wheels at fuel and rest stops. All you will notice is a wheel nut missing. I carry a few studs and nuts with me on trips. You want to replace a blown stud ASAP because it will cause the adjacent studs to carry the load and possibly fail. It's recommended to replace the blown stud and the 2 adjacent ones.

You can do this with the wheel on the truck.


In AMG came out with a newer style two piece wheel. They also have a hole that you need to line up when you put them back together.

humvee flat vs hummer download video

In my opinion you should not use a 12 bolt wheel without either a runflat or a beadlock.Luckily, there are lots of things the average Humvee or military vehicle owner can do to make their beast… well… less beastly. Here are some of our favorite military vehicle upgrades that an average Joe can do in their own garage. Check back often. Or look at our Daily Updates for the Battlewagon 2. Starter ground is on bottom of starter. HMMWV locking latch for x-doors.

It worked great, but I needed more switches. So, this has been replaced. The new switch panel is mounted under on the bottom, aft edge of the lower radio shelf. Although, the LightForce switch and remote fuse and relay box has replaced most of the active switches on this panel. Drilled two holes in one side for the license plate, and two holes in the other side to bolt to the bottom of the HMMWV. Looks like it will solve my problem.

Itching to do this, but need the weather to cooperate, since it needs to be applied within a specific temp range. See our full LizardSkin review and installation article here.

Solargizer Solar panel battery desulfator and trickle charger — To keep the batteries fresh I installed an ISL 24V solar panel link. Only use these for interior lights. Rampage Rollbar LED lights. Acquired via some finagling with a scrap yard. With a bit of scrubbing and some paint it looks new! I used the Sterilite Bath Caddy zip tied to the radio shelves to hold stuff for a few months.

Humvee to be replaced by JLTV in US Army

Tyler E found an ingenious way to get some drink holders and center console storage with this Craftsman tool belt tool caddy. The Battlewagon 2. So a mirror is of no use. Especially now that the prices have come down considerably. HMMWV spare tire carrier — For now, spare tire is strapped in cargo bed, but I understand why people like the ratcheting tire carriers. They can be difficult to get in and out of the bed of the HMMWV safely with just one person… especially if that person has a bad back.

Humvee Manuals Download – HMMWV Manual Links

Just have to get around to wiring it. For now I can manually switch on a pair of LED flood lights in the back. One of the benefits of the intercom is that I can plug an audio source into the intercom and listen over the comms headsets. Without headsets the danged HMMWV is so noisy that rather loud speakers are required to overcome the road, wind and mechanical noise.

Lots of military vehicle owners have installed WetSounds bluetooth speakers with great success. Midland Radio just sent their new MXT in-cab radiowhich installed easily. So, I will not put bedliner in the passenger areas of the Battlewagon lost too many brain cells already. I am still thinking about putting Kevlar reinforced bedliner in the aft truck bed area to protect the LizardSkin and keep things from sliding around so easily. Soft top insulation — installed Reflectix under the 2-man soft top as a radiant heat barrier.

I am planning to add an additional 12V automotive battery just for running accessories radios, chargers, lights, etc and connect it to the 12V output. I was also concerned about causing an imbalance in charge between the two batteries.The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle JLTVa name not as catchy as its predecessors, is a big technological evolution to protect troops for decades to come.

The US Army began its hunt for a new armoured vehicle after the war in Iraq inand last month announced the winner of the bid to replace thousands of Humvees. While the beefy-looking Humvee was praised for its speed and ubiquity as invading US troops poured into Iraq, a growing insurgency and the spread of roadside bombs there and in Afghanistan soon spelled trouble for the vehicle - and its occupants.

With a flat underbelly and low clearance, the Humvee was ill-equipped to cope with the deadly blast of an explosive device. Instead of deflecting or dissipating the energy, much of it would shoot into the cab, often with fatal results. Though the military pushed to reinforce Humvees, they remained vulnerable. But these reinforced trucks were heavy, making it hard to deposit them where they were needed, and running counter to a Pentagon push for a faster, lighter fighting force.

So the military started looking for a replacement vehicle as mobile as a Humvee but with the protection of a MRAP. The rivals may yet file protests over the contract award, which could potentially trigger delays.

In total, the US Army plans to buy nearly 50, of the vehicles beforewhile the Marine Corps wants 5, John Bryant, the senior vice-president of defense programs at Oshkosh, said vehicle designers focused on the threat of roadside bombs.

Unlike in a Humvee, parts of the new JLTV fragment so explosive forces are carried away from the cab, helping to dissipate the deadly energy. You can see significant levels of destruction to portions of the vehicle, and yet the crew capsule with that precious cargo inside remains intact -- and the crew survives. While precise technical specifications remain secret, Bryant said the new vehicle has been designed for the future, meaning it can be readily adapted for changing military needs.

For instance, it can come fitted with a turret for a regular gunner, or else it can be equipped with a remotely operated weapon. Similarly, it would be relatively straightforward to make the vehicle remote-controlled or give it a hybrid-electric engine.

So in case the leading MRAP of a convoy of military vehicles is remote-controlled and hits a roadside bomb, no crew would get injured. Bryan said several countries have expressed an interest in the JLTV, just like the Humvee was adopted by foreign armies around the world. In the wake of the first Gulf War from tothe Humvee gained worldwide fame as news crews filmed it roaring across desert sands. Though the Army will continue to maintain a fleet of Humvees, their numbers will gradually dwindle.

But the vehicle remains popular with foreign armies -- last year the US government approved the sale of more than 3, of them to the Mexican military. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. Punjab, after Odisha, becomes 2nd state to extend lockdown till April An unfair, unworkable testing model HT Editorial. Covid, hydroxychloroquine and Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray. Apple has a day plan to keep your kids entertained during the lockdown.

Auto giants now offer discounts on cars for healthcare workers fighting Covid Good Friday prayers held online as churches stay shut due to lockdown. Shatrughan Sinha defends daughter Sonakshi over Ramayan controversy.

humvee flat vs hummer download video

South Korea holds parliamentary polls amid Covid pandemic. Covid latest updates: The extent of spread in India and Stage 3 concerns. In advisory, govt lists who should not use hydroxychloroquine for Covid Spain sees lowest daily toll in 17 days, with deaths. New York using mass graves amid Covid outbreak: Report. Italy eyes lockdown extension to May 3.Hummer is the civilian version and term.

Military versions however are now armored, other than training ones and there are many different variations. If you park a civilian version next to a military version, other than similar body design of the H1, they are way differend.

Military versions have just the basics, However they are now required to have Air Conditioning, which is nice. Hummer is just how they say humvees. Its the same vehicle. Its the main military vehicle and GM makes a civilian model. The lottery ticket actually has a measurable chance of coming true, based upon the rules of mathematical probability. Yep same damn ads here too, Unc. Brightest Blessings, Raji the Green Witch. Answer Save. George Ginsu III. Favorite Answer. This Site Might Help You.

OIFV79 Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. The cinlized cutesie version of the hummer is only a wannabe. Hummer, Humvee - same critter. Civilian version - wannabe. Perro De Lava Lv 7. Its a military vehicle first and then it became a civilian car. Katherine Lv 4. GM no longer makes the hummer, civilian version, only the pansy H2 and H3. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.


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